Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a weekend here and there in Downtown

Abington Square Park
Another mellow weekend is gone...walking here and there in downtown...
it has begun with a morning flower shopping in Chelsea, on 26th and 27th btw 6 and 7 Avenue you can do the most inspiring flower shopping in town and during this early spring is a rainbow of colors!
To keep my colored mood and be healthy, before a huuuge saturday dinner, i went @Melvin's Juice Box (@Miss Lily's) http://misslilysnyc.com/melvins! One of my "healthy mecca" in town! First because Melvin is from Jamaica and while he mix your smoothie you can "jammin with Bob Marley" and be happy, second because his juices are magic :) they make your skin glow, try the Jamaican Green!!!

Chelsea Flower Market

Melvin Juice Box on Sullivan St.
then i passed by @Save Haven http://s-haven.tumblr.com/ for a little shopping, this is one my favorite pure american designer (he use just american cottons and linen) and his simple stile totally fits with mine...best man soft t-shirts!
Save Haven
For dinner we headed to Williamsburg where my friend Jamie was celebrating his bday! As everybody know i'm a "foodie" and first time i came @Diner http://dinernyc.com/ i was tooootally diffident but after i tried i changed my mind! The food is delicious and for private parties you can book this old little trailer in the backyard so lovely! We've had a wonderful party!!!
I bought the cake, ricotta cheese cake, from one of the italian trattoria Pepolino http://pepolino.com/...may i say is the best cheese cake in town?!?!?! 

The Diner Trailer

Sunday rainy weather and sacred mellow morning at home with classic music, my italian espresso and the fantastic book of the greatest italian contemporary philosopher Franco Bolelli!
Then the Sun showed up on time for a walk on the Highline!

Giocate! The new book by Franco Bolelli

A bientot

PS: for the Polaroid lovers like me i've discovered (thank to my friend Benny) this hidden paradise on Broadway
@Impossible www.the-impossible-project.com/ is on the 2nd floor of an old building close to Canal St, fantastic!!!!


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