Sunday, April 8, 2012

eating and drinking and blossoming

and walking on the sunny side...that's the best way to enjoy NYC!!!
It's official the SPRING is here, it's not a fake one or just little fully here, with the new vibe, energies, flowers and smiling people :) :) :) and love in the air!

My secret garden on Hudson

Here some "pearl" i've discovered last week!
@Blossom, one of the best vegetarian restaurants opened finally on Carmine St, and voila' a lovely salad with flowers :)

Cafe' Blossom
If you wanna have a sunny lunch in Soho try Cafe Select, a cool swiss restaurant; they've always an interesting playlist and they make the best rosti of NYC; then cross the street and be ready to enjoy the Eileen's cheesecake die for!!!

Good chilean crispy Sauvignon @Cafe' Select

Eileen's Cheescake
If you wanna try a new cute and delicious place for breakfast go @Jack's wife Freda http://jackswifefreda, order the Green ShakShuka...delicious poached eggs and greek cheese, yummy! then for a lunch in Nolita go @Epistrophy, some sardinian flatbread and fregola and a good glass of wine (strongly recommended the "tagliere of frutta and cheese"!

Jack's wife Freda

Sardinian Vermentino @Epistrophy

last but not least, hidden on Crosby St. a magic place for a mellow lunch @Imperial No. Nine, inside the Mondrian Hotel in Soho, enjoy the special light until the sunset!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

a weekend here and there in Downtown

Abington Square Park
Another mellow weekend is gone...walking here and there in downtown...
it has begun with a morning flower shopping in Chelsea, on 26th and 27th btw 6 and 7 Avenue you can do the most inspiring flower shopping in town and during this early spring is a rainbow of colors!
To keep my colored mood and be healthy, before a huuuge saturday dinner, i went @Melvin's Juice Box (@Miss Lily's)! One of my "healthy mecca" in town! First because Melvin is from Jamaica and while he mix your smoothie you can "jammin with Bob Marley" and be happy, second because his juices are magic :) they make your skin glow, try the Jamaican Green!!!

Chelsea Flower Market

Melvin Juice Box on Sullivan St.
then i passed by @Save Haven for a little shopping, this is one my favorite pure american designer (he use just american cottons and linen) and his simple stile totally fits with man soft t-shirts!
Save Haven
For dinner we headed to Williamsburg where my friend Jamie was celebrating his bday! As everybody know i'm a "foodie" and first time i came @Diner i was tooootally diffident but after i tried i changed my mind! The food is delicious and for private parties you can book this old little trailer in the backyard so lovely! We've had a wonderful party!!!
I bought the cake, ricotta cheese cake, from one of the italian trattoria Pepolino i say is the best cheese cake in town?!?!?! 

The Diner Trailer

Sunday rainy weather and sacred mellow morning at home with classic music, my italian espresso and the fantastic book of the greatest italian contemporary philosopher Franco Bolelli!
Then the Sun showed up on time for a walk on the Highline!

Giocate! The new book by Franco Bolelli

A bientot

PS: for the Polaroid lovers like me i've discovered (thank to my friend Benny) this hidden paradise on Broadway
@Impossible is on the 2nd floor of an old building close to Canal St, fantastic!!!!


Butterflies Day and Night

Thursday, March 22, 2012

100% Spring Effect

adorable card i've found @Clic Bookstore and Gallery on Broome
it's SPRING! an unexpected, early, amazing, spring and NY (almost like Rome) it's my favorite place to walk around without direction, just walking, discover new stores and treasures, meeting my friends for a lunch under the sun, buy fresh food at the farmer's market, enjoy the sunset on the Hudson River!
a wonderful "antique" garden in the hearth of NOLITA
Adoro! here my grocery shopping at Union Square Farmers Market where you can meet the best chefs of NY (and met my "shaman" that gives me inspirations and magic stones :) )
organic apples @Union Square Farmers Market
$4,00 for a bag of Pure Pleasure! best chips of the world...

Flower Power
I love to discover independent and original store around! In the West Village i've found behind a gate this cute, little french store Mick Margo; they have the sweetest selection of shoes, scarf, jewels, dresses and more. Also walking in Chelsea i've discovered the perfect inspirational store, Les Toiles du Soleil, to add a summery touch to our house...and in Soho i cannot renounce to Canvas if i wanna dream a summer lunch in a terrace with my friends!!!

Mick Margo

Les Toiles Du Soleil

and favorite moment of the day in my favorite neighborhood of NY...the West Village!
Sunset on the Hudson River Park + bubbles @Boom Boom Room + friends + good food @Barbuto (the restaurant of our italian talented photographer Fabrizio Ferri)...Who Can Ask for Anything More?!?!!?

Sunset from the Hudson River Park

Boom Boom Room @The Standard Hotel
@Barbuto with my beautiful friends planning the Villasimius meeting

Sunday, March 18, 2012

surfing in NYC

Spring blossom on West 11th
 Greenwich Letterpress

Street Artist on West 12th 

Why I love NYC...
this town it's a port, a kaleidoscope, a crazy circus, in one day you can experience 100 different worlds, meet old and new friends from all over around the world, meet yourself, forget yourself, find a treasure!
Saturday was a sunny day and i've organized a lunch @Sant Ambroeus West Village with my friends from Bologna, and Micol Danieli (the coolest young italian DJ, next summer she will play in Ibiza).
Then we went for a walk and for some book shopping @Three Lives & Co. (best independent book store in the West Village) and "inspirational" shopping at my "mecca" Greenwich Letterpress!
If you like creative greeting cards, paper accessorie, stamps & related stuff this is a little paradise where you can buy the most original and rare stuff!
At 6.30pm i met another group of  friend for a "wild" tour out of Manhattan...wooowww...totally weird for me if you think that i'm the only newyorker that never use the subway!!! Tom Downey, an amazing travel writer and ethnic food expert organized a NY "Ethnic Excursion" into NYC's 4th largest foreign-born population (that you've never heard of)--in Little Guyana, an Indo-Caribbean neighborhood in Richmond Hill, Queens. 

We've had a lot of fun: 25 Manhattan "animals", out of their zoo, walking around Richmond Hill on the steps of Jack Kerouac (he was born here) tasting cold Caribbean beer and authentic indo-caribbean (?!?!) food...
After 3 hours out of "my island" i was feeling lost and i happily came back to Downtown, meet Micol and jump from one loft party to another one, until "too late" for an old chicken like me!
Ignes party on Bowery
Finally today i've had my magazines @Casa Magazines (if you want to meet the "uber gotha" of the fashion system, just spend 30 min here every morning!), than breakfast and people watchin' at @home/SantAmbroeus, then an inspiring food shopping @Buono Italia (inside Chelsea Market) here i can find have the best italian product, sardinian Bottarga included!
Casa Magazines on West 12th

Buon Italia @Chelsea Market

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saturday's backyard

Loopy Mango
The Cookbooks Shop
Yesterday our beloved NYC has given us a "preview" of spring! I coudn't stay inside sooo i took a day off to do some location scouting, gift shopping and enjoy the sun!
First i passed by @Saturdays on Crosby St to check it as a location for an event and also to enjoy a coffee in one of the cutest/hidden backyard in town surrounded of gorgeous surfers ;) 
Then i was looking for some unique bday gift  so i went to take a look @Loopy Mango, a crazy, unique shop that always inspire me...i cannot tell you what they sell, everything and nothing, but beautiful suff! vintage? yes! accessorize? yes! furnitures? yes! postcards? yes and they organize the best knitting course in town (and they also rent the space for small events)!
My second stop was @The Cookbooks Shop, there is nothing similar in the world! it's a little space where you can find old, rare, out of print cookbooks; the owner is sweet and kind and she welcomes you there as you were in her sofa!
For lunch i came back in Nolita to meet my friend Benny (the owner of an uber cool fashion brand Confezioni Crosby @ Tartinery, we love this place, it's perfect for a glass of wine and tapas (a long list of delicious and creative tartines) from lunch to dinner!
after lunch i jumped in Chelsea to find some inspiration in one of my favorite "creative" space in town Printed! if you love art, culture, creativity, you have to come! they have a rare selection of art books, art magazines, old art catalogues...check their website
here i've found what i want...a "toy" by Yoko Ono (love her!)

Nolita in a glass of Sancerre @Tartinery

Yoko Ono "toy" @Printed Matter

at 7.00pm the appointment was @TheBoweryBallroom with my friends for the concert of Lorenzo Jovanotti, the greatest italian singer! He and his band are able to set something that, more than a concert, is a party, a celebration of joy, an explosion of energy, bellissimo!!! 

Lorenzo Jovanotti @TheBoweryBallroom

un avanzo di Magia!

i love NYC!