Thursday, March 15, 2012

Saturday's backyard

Loopy Mango
The Cookbooks Shop
Yesterday our beloved NYC has given us a "preview" of spring! I coudn't stay inside sooo i took a day off to do some location scouting, gift shopping and enjoy the sun!
First i passed by @Saturdays on Crosby St to check it as a location for an event and also to enjoy a coffee in one of the cutest/hidden backyard in town surrounded of gorgeous surfers ;) 
Then i was looking for some unique bday gift  so i went to take a look @Loopy Mango, a crazy, unique shop that always inspire me...i cannot tell you what they sell, everything and nothing, but beautiful suff! vintage? yes! accessorize? yes! furnitures? yes! postcards? yes and they organize the best knitting course in town (and they also rent the space for small events)!
My second stop was @The Cookbooks Shop, there is nothing similar in the world! it's a little space where you can find old, rare, out of print cookbooks; the owner is sweet and kind and she welcomes you there as you were in her sofa!
For lunch i came back in Nolita to meet my friend Benny (the owner of an uber cool fashion brand Confezioni Crosby @ Tartinery, we love this place, it's perfect for a glass of wine and tapas (a long list of delicious and creative tartines) from lunch to dinner!
after lunch i jumped in Chelsea to find some inspiration in one of my favorite "creative" space in town Printed! if you love art, culture, creativity, you have to come! they have a rare selection of art books, art magazines, old art catalogues...check their website
here i've found what i want...a "toy" by Yoko Ono (love her!)

Nolita in a glass of Sancerre @Tartinery

Yoko Ono "toy" @Printed Matter

at 7.00pm the appointment was @TheBoweryBallroom with my friends for the concert of Lorenzo Jovanotti, the greatest italian singer! He and his band are able to set something that, more than a concert, is a party, a celebration of joy, an explosion of energy, bellissimo!!! 

Lorenzo Jovanotti @TheBoweryBallroom

un avanzo di Magia!

i love NYC!

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