Monday, March 12, 2012

NYC in a spring dress!

i've had a lot of things to do today can you miss the first day of spring (19C)?!?!?
i went out for a sunny lunch at my fav corner :) Sant Ambroeus for a delicious and fresh quinoa salad and then at L'Arte del Gelato for the first (and best) gelato of the season, buonissimo!
On my way back to work i've had a mellow walk on the Highline, for me is the best park of the town...seriously, is the greatest, coolest and most welcoming green area of NYC and is unique, you cannot see anything similar in the world!
Now from there you can see the works in progress for the New Whitney Museum in the Meatpacking designed by  Renzo Piano (as italian i'm uber proud)'s amazing to feel an area that is changing daily under your feet and realize how many people are woking together to bring in our life beauty and art!!! 
Love it...

ART in Progress - New Whitney Museum by Renzo Piano

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