Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Aperitivo Tour in NYC under an amazing full moon and the Spring in the Air!

Today the Aperitivo Tour started at 5.30 pm (?!?!)...i've to meet tons of friends tonight (there is the Armory Show + today was "the first day of Spring" + we are in NY soooo flat shoes and we go!)

5.30pm Prosecco and Pinzimonio @Pepolino in Tribeca, one of MU's favorite italians trattoria
then 7.00pm i passed by @Pizza Roma on Bleecker, Mu's "home away from home", where my friend Andrea Franchini (an uber cool guy from Rome) is launching "the Italian aperitivo" (a glass of wine and the healthiest pizza in town)
at 7.30pm i've joined my friends at Empellon for the greatest margarita in Manhattan (plus some taste of amazing contemporary mexican food)
at 8.30pm @Turks and Frogs (MU's beloved wine bar on West 11th) for a good Sancerre
and last but not least...@Standard Grill to enjoy this wonderful mild night in the West Village :)
Now going to pack...see you tomo in LA! 

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  1. OMG Amore Love love that you're doing this!!! Now I don't have to be in NY or LA or wherever to enjoy the best each city has to offer Meri Mura style ;) .. I'm with you in spirit bella!!♥