Sunday, March 18, 2012

surfing in NYC

Spring blossom on West 11th
 Greenwich Letterpress

Street Artist on West 12th 

Why I love NYC...
this town it's a port, a kaleidoscope, a crazy circus, in one day you can experience 100 different worlds, meet old and new friends from all over around the world, meet yourself, forget yourself, find a treasure!
Saturday was a sunny day and i've organized a lunch @Sant Ambroeus West Village with my friends from Bologna, and Micol Danieli (the coolest young italian DJ, next summer she will play in Ibiza).
Then we went for a walk and for some book shopping @Three Lives & Co. (best independent book store in the West Village) and "inspirational" shopping at my "mecca" Greenwich Letterpress!
If you like creative greeting cards, paper accessorie, stamps & related stuff this is a little paradise where you can buy the most original and rare stuff!
At 6.30pm i met another group of  friend for a "wild" tour out of Manhattan...wooowww...totally weird for me if you think that i'm the only newyorker that never use the subway!!! Tom Downey, an amazing travel writer and ethnic food expert organized a NY "Ethnic Excursion" into NYC's 4th largest foreign-born population (that you've never heard of)--in Little Guyana, an Indo-Caribbean neighborhood in Richmond Hill, Queens. 

We've had a lot of fun: 25 Manhattan "animals", out of their zoo, walking around Richmond Hill on the steps of Jack Kerouac (he was born here) tasting cold Caribbean beer and authentic indo-caribbean (?!?!) food...
After 3 hours out of "my island" i was feeling lost and i happily came back to Downtown, meet Micol and jump from one loft party to another one, until "too late" for an old chicken like me!
Ignes party on Bowery
Finally today i've had my magazines @Casa Magazines (if you want to meet the "uber gotha" of the fashion system, just spend 30 min here every morning!), than breakfast and people watchin' at @home/SantAmbroeus, then an inspiring food shopping @Buono Italia (inside Chelsea Market) here i can find have the best italian product, sardinian Bottarga included!
Casa Magazines on West 12th

Buon Italia @Chelsea Market

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